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Transformational Leadership & The Agile Corporation
Wed, September 26, 2012 7:00AM to 6:00PM (Mountain)
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     "Get ready for the new reality:
economic turmoil, continuous transformation,
agile corporation!"


The Agile Corporation
An Executive Leadership Approach

A series of discussions around transformational leadership

The impact of this most recent round of economic turmoil has affected leaders, investors, the banking community, currencies, boards and their organization’s agility.  This series of discussions on September 26th, 2012 will provide opportunities for business leaders to learn from experts and share best practices to transform their organization. 

Executives are learning to operate with leaner budgets and resources as well as to effectively  ‘re-think’ how to conduct daily business. Whether the organization’s goal is to sustain, grow organically, or to embrace new opportunities, Transformation is the new reality.

Guiding executives and their teams through the challenges of cultural, historical, financial, & political transformation that generally inhibit organizations from successfully positioning themselves to perform with agility is the goal of this series of important discussions to be given September 26th, 2012 by thought leaders and industry practitioners

“Corporate Agility Requires Transformational Leadership Approaches”

A series of talks and discussions will be presented, led by world-class business leaders and thought leaders encompassing… 

- The complexity of modern-day corporations
- The importance of having a common language and vision
- How to architect the business for value and efficiency and increase shareholder value
- Methods for the business to take ownership of major transformational events
- Bringing about the understanding necessary for executive teams to adopt the vision
- Identifying and creating simple and effective communications approaches in a fast paced environment
- Achieving Board of Directors buy-in and the importance of it
- Ensuring success under M&A, strategic business transformation, and externally triggered transformation environments
- Preparing for an acquisition & discussions on the importance of governance
- Modern approaches designed to deliver flexibility and corporate agility
- What the modern-day corporation looks like from the inside out
- Innovation and what it means to your organization
- Seeing opportunities for cost savings as budgets shrink
- Coaching middle-management executives internally to increase their effectiveness in positioning organizations for the future
- Where responsibility lies in ensuring your business is agile and able to respond quickly to change
- Successful leadership under the ambiguity of transformational environments

Thought leaders and experienced speakers in each area present their knowledge in a series of presentations that will run throughout the day, commencing at 8 am, and finishing at 4 pm followed by a social networking cocktail party after the event.

Audience: Executives,  technology leaders ;. those who are responsible for steering multiple transformational initiatives, creating policy, defining governance processes, portfolio management, development of corporate strategy and architecting organizations for the future.

Who Should Attend?

The Agile Corporation event is a conference designed by executive leaders and technology leaders intended for this audience.  Seating is limited and the conference is designed for:

Enterprise Corporations:
  • CEO, CFO, CIO, Transformation Leadership & Architects (or equivalent) from enterprise organizations
Government, Education and Not-for-Profit Organizations:
  • CEO, CFO, CIO, Transformation Leadership, & Architects (or equivalent) from agencies or organizations
Dress code is business.

A full agenda will be provided to you upon registration or upon request.

Opening Keynote Address
Honorable Minister Tony Clement,
President of the Treasury Board of Canada & Minister Responsible for FedNor
"Organizational Transformation in the Government of Canada:  Lessons from a Work in Progress"

Event Chair: George Paras, Managing Director EAdirections
"The Important Role of the Executive Leader During Times of Transformation"

Alberta Business Leaders, World Class Expert Speakers:

  • Dave Mowat, President and CEO at ATB Financial
  • "Transformation from a CEO Perspective"            
  • Dr. Catherine Aczel Boivie, CEO of Inventure Solutions, Sr VP & CIO Vancity, Emeritus
  • "Board Leadership:  Putting a Business Voice to Technology Issues"
  • Wayne King, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President Capital and Corporate Services, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • "A Successful 1B Transformation Story"
  • Heather Campbell,  CIO of CP Railway Emeritus
  • "The CIO As an Agent of Change"
  • Dr. Linda Miller, Transformation Mentor & Advisor, IQManagement
    "Successful Transformation; Agility Orientated Leadership & The Art of Leverage"

  • Alexandra Federucci, Vice President Corporate Transformation and Vice President Global Information  Technology and Business Services, Talisman-Energy Emeritus
  • "UTOPIA:  The Enabled & Agile Organization"

  • ... And many more guests, speakers and panel members.

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